A Scientific Approach to Leadership
and Management Development

The Executive Experience

The Executive Experience is a five-day, open enrollment development session that focuses on business leadership that achieves business results. Participants, working in groups, assume senior management roles for a company. They analyze, make decisions, plan, and experience the consequences of their decisions. In this program participants do general management work and are given considerable resources from which to reflect and learn from their experience.

This is an intensive program that is often called "life-changing." Participants in The Executive Experience are those identified as key people who currently have accountability for (or have the potential for) operating a company, a division, or a significant project.

Participants do the initial planning for a strategic project that is assigned before the program. The project allows for immediate application of the skills and concepts learned in the program. Most important, the participant is given the resources and a systematic model for understanding and developing general management functions. As an additional option, clients receive an assessment of the participant’s general management capability; this assessment is based on observation of his or her actual performance during the session, and interactions after the session ends.

Upon completion of The Executive Experience, participants will be able to:

● Build cooperation among people.
● Diagnose and correct dysfunctional group dynamics.
● Bring people together to seize opportunity.
● Integrate opportunity into corporate strengths.
● Conduct business activities consistent with corporate strategy.
● Contribute to the formulation and implementation of corporate strategy.
● Formulate policies which allow others to take major responsibility.
● Articulate opportunity.
● Prepare a strategic plan.
● Formulate tactics.
● Operationalize plans.
● Focus personal development in specific areas.

In the business simulation, participants work in small groups and assume responsibility for setting and executing corporate strategy. Their function-specific and collective decisions directly impact their businesses' performance and competitive situation.

The participants are responsible for the general management of their businesses and encounter many opportunities to reflect and learn throughout their experience.

What Past Participants Are Saying
"This experience provides a different perspective of the role of a manager and very different from what I have been taught before. The logic is there and it explains why this process works so successfully. This has been a wonderful experience."

"When I think back on the week and all the other conferences I have attended — I am absolutely amazed at the level of emotional involvement I experienced. Thank you for your guidance. This is by far the most valuable experience of my career."

"This has been a tremendous experience. I really feel that I will be much more effective than I was before. The tasks that I need to accomplish are now crystal clear."

"The combination of the simulation with the clear concise discussions of the issues being experienced and understanding the true role of management and leadership made this session a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

"WONDERFUL — thank you so much for investing your time and energy into my professional growth."

"This is one of the few classes that has maintained such an intense level of learning every day — the time flew — and each day was amazing."

"Obviously my management skills were lacking when I started this course. I hope I can find a position in which I have the opportunity to put into practice what I have learned."

"It was very rewarding to learn more about management than I had in the past — especially defining the key role of management. This has also made me think critically about the management issues and methods that occur within institutions."

Daily Schedule
The Executive Experience places participants in senior management roles of a company. They analyze, make decisions, plan, and experience the consequences of the decisions they make.

Day 1
The Mindset of Exceptional Leaders
Film: "Twelve O’clock High"
Leadership and Intervention

Business Case
Robin Hood, Inc.

Group Activity - Participants are divided into teams, assigned individual roles and begin operating their simulated companies.

Day 2
Participants continue to operate their simulated companies.

Structure & Organization
Managerial Policy

Day 3
Participants continue to operate their simulated companies.

Chairman of the Board Reports

Business Case
The MacGregor Business System


The Corporate Perspective
The Managerial Function

Day 4
Participants continue to operate their simulated companies. Simulation ends in afternoon. Participants begin work on Strategic Projects assigned by their companies.

The Entrepreneurial Function
The Executive Function
Leadership and Vision

Day 5
Group Activity
- Participants work on Strategic Project Planning, present plans and receive feedback.

Strategic Project Presentations

Real World Issues
Surviving the Experience

Summary and Conclusion

What We Develop

Required Knowledge
Specifically, effective leaders know how to:
Identify opportunity
Determine what needs to be done to seize it
Bring people together to accomplish what needs to be done
Identify barriers to cooperation
Remove those barriers
Create and use a vision

Required Values
In addition, effective leaders consistently seek:
Achievement of the common end instead of personal success
Performance rather than popularity
Integrity rather than being right
Trust instead of control

Required Beliefs
Finally, effective leaders believe in:
Free will choice


Kirk Hardcastle, President

"I have really seen the truth in the compensation and incentives content from The Executive Experience session. At the time, I disagreed with the concept and left the session skeptical. Since then, after using the concepts I learned, I see how incentives are misused and can easily get in the way of performance."
Jim Weir