A Scientific Approach to Leadership
and Management Development

The Leadership Experience

The Leadership Experience is designed for people interested in improving their management and leadership skills. It is designed for senior leaders as well as those new to management ranks (including project managers and directors).

The Leadership Experience is a 3 1/2-day course in which participants, working in groups, assume senior management roles. They analyze information, make decisions, and experience the consequences of their decisions. There is special emphasis on the skills required to establish cooperation, diagnose and correct dysfunctional groups, and combine the skills of multiple people to accomplish what cannot be done alone. This is a very intensive program designed for those who are serious about improving their leadership skills.

Upon completion of The Leadership Experience, participants will be able to:

● Create and maintain cooperation among people.
● Diagnose and correct dysfunctional group dynamics.
● Delegate more effectively.
● Grow and develop other people.
● Set up situations allowing others to take significant responsibilities for work.
● Intervene when required results are not achieved.
● Bring people together to seize opportunity.
● Integrate opportunity into current strengths.
● Measure progress and provide objective feedback.
● Conduct activities consistent with strategy.
● Contribute to the formulation and implementation of strategy.

The Leadership Experience is offered as an internal, private company program, and in cooperation with associations.

What Past Participants Are Saying
"This experience provides a different perspective of the role of a manager and very different from what I have been taught before. The logic is there and it explains why this process works so successfully. This has been a wonderful experience."

"When I think back on the week and all the other conferences I have attended — I am absolutely amazed at the level of emotional involvement I experienced. Thank you for your guidance. This is by far the most valuable experience of my career."

"This has been a tremendous experience. I really feel that I will be much more effective than I was before. The tasks that I need to accomplish are now crystal clear."

"The combination of the simulation with the clear concise discussions of the issues being experienced and understanding the true role of management and leadership made this session a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

"WONDERFUL — thank you so much for investing your time and energy into my professional growth."

"This is one of the few classes that has maintained such an intense level of learning every day — the time flew — and each day was amazing."

"Obviously my management skills were lacking when I started this course. I hope I can find a position in which I have the opportunity to put into practice what I have learned."

"It was very rewarding to learn more about management than I had in the past — especially defining the key role of management. This has also made me think critically about the management issues and methods that occur within institutions."

Daily Schedule
The Leadership Experience places participants in senior management roles of a company. They analyze, make decisions, plan, and experience the consequences of the decisions they make.

Day 1
The mindset of exceptional managers.
Movie: "Twelve O’clock High"
Leadership and Intervention.

Group Activity - Participants are divided into teams, assigned individual roles and begin operating their simulated companies.

Day 2
Participants continue to operate their simulated companies.

Structure & Organization

Day 3
Participants continue to operate their simulated companies.

Chairman of the Board Reports

Executive Function

Day 4
Participants discuss "MacGregor" Case Study.

Real World Issues
Surviving the Experience

Summary and Conclusion

What We Develop

Required Knowledge
Specifically, effective leaders know how to:
Identify opportunity
Determine what needs to be done to seize it
Bring people together to accomplish what needs to be done
Identify barriers to cooperation
Remove those barriers
Create and use a vision

Required Values
In addition, effective leaders consistently seek:
Achievement of the common end instead of personal success
Performance rather than popularity
Integrity rather than being right
Trust instead of control

Required Beliefs
Finally, effective leaders believe in:
Free will choice


Kirk Hardcastle, President

"The Leadership Experience has been the best educational program I have taken in many years and the only management training course I ever had with real practical value. Thank you!"
Peter Sahagian
Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs
Genzyme Corporation