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Seeking Clarity

The Communication Problem—SOLVED!

SEEKING CLARITY. Effective communication is directly linked to high business results. Yet miscommunication, misinterpretations, verbal miscues, assumptions, misunderstandings and communication breakdowns interfere with results EVERY DAY. Communication problems are so commonplace that many managers accept them as unavoidable. And sadly, none of the books, seminars, instruments or team-building exercises has ever effectively helped people solve the communication problem...Because they all try to solve the WRONG problem!

LeaderScope has researched and identified exactly what leads to communication breakdowns in work environments — and developed a proven method for removing the barriers to execution these breakdowns cause.

SEEKING CLARITY is a 1-day or 2-day, in-house session to assist managers and team leads in eliminating miscommunication from their work contexts, creating clearer common understanding and enabling people to work together much more effectively. They will be better able to create and maintain high levels of cooperation, significantly improving results.

This course is designed for people seeking to understand the root causes of communication issues. It is intended for those new to management ranks, as well as those who currently lead or will be leading work groups, project teams and business units.

The session includes three primary components — each coupled with experiential elements that demonstrate application of the concepts to real-world participant situations:

What could possibly go wrong? Overgeneralizing creates doubt and leads to assumptions. Specificity in communication enables and facilitates common understanding.

Abstract is for art, not for work. Concrete language clarifies, while abstraction confuses. Broad concepts leave too much to interpretation -- AND mis-interpretation!

Skate fast...be vague! Avoid the tendency to gloss over ideas that are not yet developed, or are still incubating. Slow down, and seek clarity, especially when on “thin ice.”

A particular key to the success of this course is LeaderScope’s discovery that removing communication barriers depends very much on perspective — overcoming communication breakdowns requires very different, specific actions depending on whether the issues are addressed by the person in charge, or by the people participating in the work.

This unique insight has enabled LeaderScope to help people effectively prevent and resolve “the communication problem,” where so many have failed before.

Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:

● Understand and address the root causes of ineffective or flawed communication — BEFORE they undermine results
● Diagnose and correct dysfunctional group dynamics
● Facilitate clarity of communication to significantly improve business results and encourage innovation
● Use clarity and concreteness to focus the efforts of others
● Understand the impact of communication on cooperation
● Better align work activities to be consistent with strategy
● Create and maintain self-policing work groups where contributors reinforce clear communication
● Build consistent language sets to advance comprehension
● Create expectations for others that are commonly understood

SEEKING CLARITY is offered as an internal, private company program. It is designed for between 10 and 24 participants.

What Past Participants Are Saying
"The separation between performance and results was enlightening. If implemented correctly, I think this could have a major impact on employee growth and happiness."

"This was one of the more helpful training courses I've taken. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than the original LeaderScope course, though that sets the stage for this. I liked the application of simple tools and concepts to a domain that is complex and challenging for almost everyone."

"This was the single best training class I've taken. It was the perfect length and the content was extremely actionable. I HIGHLY recommend all Senior Leaders and Creative leaders are required to take this course in the future."

"This was an excellent use of time. It has helped me refocus on what's important (results) and how to achieve them. Very beneficial."

"It was great to have reinforcement of the idea that performance improvement and challenging behaviors is more effective when it comes from peers. As managers, we all can get sucked into these problems and intervene because we feel it justifies our perceived role as people managers."

"The class exercises were what I've come to expect from LeaderScope - easy to cursorily understand, but make you realize how many assumptions you're making as you go along. The participation sections felt natural and helpful. 10/10, would attend again!"

"I really liked the hands-on activities. The theory/instruction is very important, but I think I really LEARN the behaviors when I am put in an activity that demonstrates the practical applications."


Kirk Hardcastle, President

"The class was great and I feel I learned more than I have in all of the other leadership classes I have been involved in combined."
Cory Boese
DST Systems