A Scientific Approach to Leadership
and Management Development

The Cooperative Experience

The Cooperative Experience is designed for people interested in improving their ability to create and maintain cooperation, and gain greater contributions from others. It is designed for those new to management ranks, and those who lead work groups and project teams.

The Cooperative Experience is a 1 ½-day course in which participants, working in groups, practice the skills required to establish cooperation, diagnose and correct dysfunctional groups, and gain greater contributions from others.

Upon completion of The Cooperative Experience, participants will be able to:

● Create and maintain cooperation among people
● Diagnose and correct dysfunctional group dynamics
● Set up situations allowing others to make significant contributions to group work
● Use a common end to focus the efforts of others
● Facilitate effective communication to improve results
● Conduct activities consistent with strategy

The Cooperative Experience is offered as an internal, private company program, and in cooperation with associations.

What Past Participants Are Saying
"I applaud the amount of research and vision put into this program. It has helped me to gain a more 'scientific' understanding of the cooperation process."

"I have done many of these seminars but have left very few with any enthusiasm for what I have learned. Congratulations and thank you!"

"I wish that I had attended this course 20 years ago."

"My expectations were indeed exceeded. I am confident in the ability to use these ideas and benefit from them, for a lifetime."

"This course was a very eye-opening process that made me realize that assumptions may lead to not being able to accomplish the task at hand."

"The class was very helpful and provided new insight to areas at work where problems do arise. Instructors were excellent!"

"I felt that it was a very valuable class that gives you tools to bring back and apply immediately at work."

"One of the best classes I have ever attended. I learned more these last two days than I ever have."

Daily Schedule
The Cooperative Experience places participants in work groups where they practice creating common focus, establishing clear communication and gaining greater contributions from others.

Day 1
The Elements of Cooperation

Demonstration: Four Volunteers
Recognizing the Elements of Cooperation

Establishing a Common Aim
Willingness to Contribute

Group Activities
Survival Exercise
Real World Issues: Common Aim
Company Memo Exercise
Real World Issues: Willingness to Contribute

Day 2
Planning & Organization
The Nature of Communication
Solving Problems and Overcoming Barriers

Real World Issues

Summary and Conclusion


Kirk Hardcastle, President

"I have taken several leadership courses and participated in company programs to improve overall performance. This approach was significantly different. It is one that makes sense and I think I will succeed in putting into practice."
Stephanie Tuttle
Director of Business Operations
Children’s Clinical Research Institute