A Scientific Approach to Leadership
and Management Development

Influencing Culture,
Avoiding Bureaucracy,
& Encouraging Innovation

This 1 1/2-day, in-house course addresses three of the most frequently discussed issues in management: Influencing Culture, Avoiding Bureaucracy, & Encouraging Innovation.

These three modules are designed to help managers understand what culture, bureaucracy and innovation really are, and the impact they can have on actual business results — in concrete, clear terms. This requires stripping away the vagueness and assumptions that so commonly surround these topics.

This one-and-a-half-day course is designed for managers interested in directly impacting these three areas, generating greater business results through the efforts of others. It is designed for new and experienced managers seeking to understand and address these issues with planned deliberation.

The session includes three primary components:

  • Understanding and influencing workplace culture, and its impact on the results people get while working. Culture can either disrupt people's ability to focus on the work, or it can reinforce and support clarity of focus, but culture is created by those working, not dictated by managers.

  • Avoiding and dealing with workplace bureaucracy, which almost always results from the creation of structure, a necessity as businesses and companies grow. Understanding and managing bureaucracy improves efficiency and economy.

  • Understanding and encouraging workplace innovation, and the direct benefits to efficiency and profitability that innovation brings about. Managers often attempt to drive innovation formally, but these efforts usually fail due to a lack of understanding what really encourages innovation at the work level — where it matters most.

Many positions throughout the company may benefit from this course, including project managers, team leads, department heads and business unit managers.

Upon completion of Culture, Bureaucracy & Innovation, participants will be able to:

● Establish a clear focus on required results that will reinforce supportive culture.
● Diagnose and influence dysfunctional cultural dynamics.
● Recognize and eliminate situations where bureaucracy creates competition or breaks down communication.
● Use planning and commonality of purpose to minimize the negative effects of bureaucracy.
● Recognize opportunities for innovation in the work.
● Create contexts that encourage creative thinking and support innovative initiative..

Culture, Bureaucracy & Innovation is offered as an internal, private company program, and in cooperation with associations.

What Past Participants Are Saying
"I applaud the amount of research and vision put into this program. It has helped me to gain a more 'scientific' understanding of the cooperation process."

"I have done many of these seminars but have left very few with any enthusiasm for what I have learned. Congratulations and thank you!"

"I wish that I had attended this course 20 years ago."

"My expectations were indeed exceeded. I am confident in the ability to use these ideas and benefit from them, for a lifetime."

"This course was a very eye-opening process that made me realize that assumptions may lead to not being able to accomplish the task at hand."

"The class was very helpful and provided new insight to areas at work where problems do arise. Instructors were excellent!."

"I felt that it was a very valuable class that gives you tools to bring back and apply immediately at work."

"One of the best classes I have ever attended. I learned more here than I ever have."


Intended for people who manage work groups or project teams, or business activities requiring multiple contributions in dynamic or cross-functional environments.

Strengthens the ability to create focus and direction for people in work groups or project teams.

Improves business results by increasing efficiency and economy.

Gives participants an immediately applicable set of tools that enable them to understand, diagnose and correct dysfunctional culture, bureaucratic inefficiency and inadequate innovation.

Dates and locations to be determined by the client.


Kirk Hardcastle, President

"This was the best course I've taken for my career. I leave with tools I can use immediately to make important changes in a positive direction for growth and development of my reports and myself."
Margaret Maltese-Miller
Senior Manager: Scientific Publications
Aventis Pharmaceuticals