A Scientific Approach to Leadership
and Management Development

How Our Sessions Work

There are between 10 and 24 participants in each session. There should be few direct reporting relationships within each session. Participants are placed on a team and given a business to run. The simulation created and used by LeaderScope is unique in that it is a REAL economic model that is dynamic. There are no pre-defined "win points." Participants can do anything they choose to do inside the simulated environment.

Participants are given all the data that typical business managers receive, and are required to make a series of business decisions at specified times. When they begin operating the simulated company, the firm has a simple problem that one person with about three hours of time could effectively solve. In our experience, participant groups have been unable to solve this fundamental business problem for the following reasons:

  1. They cannot cooperate and do not communicate effectively. In the "real world" the consequences of this are not seen for years. In LeaderScope’s simulated world, the consequences are immediate.

  2. Participants engage in previously learned management and leadership behaviors. As a consequence, they achieve less-than-desirable results.

Course facilitators intervene at appropriate intervals to help identify learning opportunities in approaching management and leadership dilemmas.

The fundamental goals of the simulated business environment are to:

  1. Challenge participants to achieve higher levels of critical thinking about the roles and responsibilities of management and leadership.

  2. Challenge participants to stop doing ineffective things that they have always done before.

Some of this learning will require participants to re-frame how they think: what they understand, value and believe specific to being the person in charge. If managers are to achieve exceptional results, they must approach problems and opportunities fundamentally differently than they have in the past.

Several times a day, brief "seminars" are conducted to provide additional content and reinforce the targeted competencies of the session.

The concepts briefly outlined here may appear simple and fundamental in their presentation. However, these sessions—whether customized to a particular client or in an open enrollment format—have challenged the most seasoned and experienced managers across all industries.

LeaderScope sessions are not for remedial managers. The content, methods and process interventions are designed for those who currently occupy positions with significant accountability, have been determined to be "high potential" for such positions, or are assigned to develop a plan and subsequent implementation of a strategic initiative.

Our sessions are provided in two primary formats:

Private company sessions: These sessions are customized to company requirements through a needs-assessment process, including interviews with senior development staff and senior executives, review of company planning information, and a review of past and current management and leadership development initiatives.

Open enrollment sessions: These sessions are five days in length, with participants from multiple companies enrolled. All participants bring individual projects, assigned by their companies, for which they must develop strategic plans during the session. Ideally, the projects will be implemented upon their return to work. At the option of the client, further learning assessments are provided specific to the participants’ skills, abilities and general management mindset. The project portion of the session, as well as the individual assessments, is utilized at the client’s discretion.

LeaderScope also provides private, in-house sessions designed to address the needs of new managers and project-level managers. These sessions involve some of the approaches described above, but do not include application of the leadership functions associated with higher-level management. These sessions typically run 1-2 days in length.

"This is the best course I have ever attended, in any category."
Frederick Hausheer
BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals