A Scientific Approach to Leadership
and Management Development

Strategy and Execution

Regardless of their experience, most managers encounter challenges when trying to plan strategically...Because all planning is about the future! So it is rife with risk and uncertainty.

We know that the people doing the work must have meaning and purpose in what they do in order to stay committed and engaged. And we know that this kind of clarity and purpose can only derive from effective planning. But creating clarity and confidence about the future not only requires skill and conviction...it requires courage. The inherent uncertainty about what tomorrow may bring — changing technology, competitor moves, shifting markets, regulatory changes, customer whim — too often leads managers to be vague and abstract when conceiving and communicating their plans.

LeaderScope has developed a proven method for strategic planning that removes the abstraction and generality that so commonly accompany complex strategic planning. This program walks participants through an iterative process where they learn a step-by-step methodology for thinking and planning from the strategic perspective. They develop actual plans and receive critical feedback on their thinking, while practicing tools for creating greater accountability and gaining commitment.

STRATEGY and EXECUTION is a two-day, in-house session to assist managers and team leads in identifying, articulating and seizing opportunity. The session includes two primary components — each coupled with experiential elements that demonstrate application of the concepts to real-world participant situations: The Strategic Perspective, and Execution of Outcomes.

LeaderScope's unique insight in these areas derives from decades of technical research into strategy and execution, as well as its work with thousands of managers applying these concepts with great success.

Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:

● Distinguish between the tactical, operational and strategic perspectives when planning
● Define and refine the scope and domain of a plan strategically
● Understand and anticipate the strategic environment
● Identify autonomous entities that can aid in strategic execution
● Develop and maintain richer strategic relationships
● Better align capabilities and work activities to be consistent with strategy
● Use clarity and concreteness to focus the efforts of others
● Make bigger jobs by articulating expectations
● Delegate more effectively
● Encourage commitment and resourcefulness upon implementation

STRATEGY and EXECUTION is offered as an internal, private company program. It is designed for between 5 and 20 participants.

What Past Participants Are Saying
"The repetition was immensely helpful in cementing the learning. We constantly improved as we continued to practice the thinking."

"Everyone TALKS about strategy, but before this class, I'm not sure I even knew was strategic thinking really was. I not only know what it is — and what it isn't — but now I'm actually able to do it."

"I took this course as part of my Executive MBA, and this was by far the most valuable part of the entire two years."

"I began using what I learned to plan for my business before I even finished the course."

"This has been tremendously helpful in bringing clarity to my planning. NO MORE FLUFF LANGUAGE!"

"Now I know how to talk a strategy up the chain, and no longer feel "out of my element" when communicating my plans to the exec team."

"I didn't realize I was "keeping my people small" until I learned how to make their jobs bigger using these tools. Thank you!"


Kirk Hardcastle, President

"The class was great and I feel I learned more than I have in all of the other leadership classes I have been involved in combined."
Cory Boese
DST Systems